Still a work in progress…

So I’ve returned to this blog (again) in the hopes that I can finally get it off the ground.

I tend to get my cues about what successful students are up to these days from Krystin Arneson, a good friend and fellow J-Schooler who’s exponentially smarter than I am. So when I first ran across her blog last summer, I figured I had better try to play catch-up and started this project. Since then, I’ve only written a few short drafts of entries and the blog has essentially fallen flat on its face.

Well, with a little determination and some good habits, I hope over the next couple months I can get into the habit of posting regularly about my work at the Missouri School of Journalism.

Through the end of this semester I will continue to serve as Projects Editor at The Maneater student newspaper, churning out investigative pieces about campus and Columbia. This week I’ll be interning with Richard Ward of Centramart Services and the Wyandotte Daily News as part of my Community Journalism course. And this summer I’ll be interning with Kansas City’s newly rebranded MLS team, Sporting Kansas City.

Throughout all of this I’m hoping I can generate enough content to be able to write regularly and keep a pretty thorough record of my published (and maybe a little bit of unpublished) work. Of course, it’s always nice to be able to direct future employers to a slick-looking, functional website with my name at the top.

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