You’ve been warned…

Because I haven’t actively blogged this past academic year, I can’t exactly write up any blog posts about all of the work I’ve done at The Maneater. However, it’s been an important enough part of my personal and academic careers that it certainly deserves it’s own page.

I worked at The Maneater from October 2009 through May 2011. I served in a variety of positions, including lowly reporter and staff writer, but I also had the opportunity to serve two semesters on the editorial board. Fall 2010 I was one of two Assistant News Editors and Spring 2011 I had the opportunity to take on a bit more responsibility as Projects Editor. I even threw in the occasional copy editing shift.

In March, a series of articles I wrote on MU’s recently approved general education diversity course requirement were recognized at the Missouri College Media Association’s conference (the article can be found here: The diversity class students still wait for).

College newspapers from all over the state participated and, of course, The Maneater brought home a slew of fantastic awards (15 in all) and I can’t congratulate my friends enough for all their hard work (in fact, take a moment to read up on the long list of winners).

The Maneater has been a great experience and the wonderful people I’ve gotten the chance to work with will be friends and colleagues for life. I’m very proud to be a dead editor and the things I’ve learned at The Maneater will stick with me for the rest of my days, you’ve been warned…

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