Opening week!

Even though it’s only Wednesday evening, this week has been absolutely insane. With just over 24 hours before kick-off, there’s still a whole lot of stuff to finalize before LIVESTRONG Sporting Park is ready to go. The stadium looks amazing and people enjoyed our soft opening Tuesday night, but it’s safe to say the official home opener will come with a few surprises.

It looks like we (nearly all the interns and staff) are here for the long haul and will be staying the night at LSP to get things finished up. Everyone is exhausted and stressed and it’s crunch time, but I’m excited to say I’ve been a part of such a unique opportunity.

Things may settle down after Thursday night, if only for a day or so, because of the Gold Cup double-header LIVESTRONG Sporting Park hosts this coming Tuesday and I hope to write a comprehensive post this weekend about everything that’s happened this week and that post should be chock full of pictures and media.

I’ll be tweeting all day today and tomorrow so follow @zach_murdock on Twitter for all the updates!

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