Keeping busy at LSP

I’m already feeling guilty about not getting the chance to publish a full post last week. The opener was the perfect opportunity to write about the whole array of things we learned, but the chaos of Thursday’s sprint to the finish made it nearly impossible to really sit down and write. In short, the opportunity to be a part of LIVESTRONG Sporting Park’s inaugural match was truly a one-in-a-lifetime chance and it’s still sinking in that we get to keep doing it all summer long.

I spent most of the week with a few others interns working with Brad Mertel in the video board room at LSP putting together a whole slew of graphics for Thursday’s match. The process turned out to be an awful lot of trial and error for us but I got to expand my Adobe Photoshop skills and learn how to use After Effects to create animated graphics.

During the match, interns were scattered all over the stadium, but I stayed put in the control room to take over as PA spotter. Essentially the PA spotter is there to keep the public address announcer, Eric Danielson, on schedule and in order as we follow the script through pre-game announcements like advertising, team introductions and pre-game ceremonies. It was up to us in the control room to keep everything rolling and to ensure our B-2 flyover and kick-off happened at exactly their prescribed times.

Overall, I think the game was a great success. Even though the team didn’t quite get the result they expected, we hosted a beyond sell-out crowd (officially 19,925 in a 18,500 seat stadium) on national television and the stadium has received nothing but praise from the community. I really can’t cover it all though (and I didn’t get the chance to take any of my own pictures), so read more about the opener from the Star’s Terez Paylor at The Full 90 and check out a cool photo essay done by The Free Beer Movement.

And despite some of the initial fears I had, it’s opportunities like last week that remind me why I wanted to get involved in this internship in the first place. While I’m getting to put some of the skills I already had to good use, learning to use new programs and picking up little tricks and shortcuts to use software more effectively are at the heart of my learning this summer. Of course, getting to be a part of a national broadcast on ESPN2 didn’t hurt either.

This week looks like it’ll be another long one. Tuesday we’re hosting a CONCACAF double header for the final round of group stages, where the U.S. men’s national team will looks to finish off Guadeloupe and advance in the Gold Cup. And Friday we host the San Jose Earthquakes in an MLS league play match-up where Sporting hopes to snag their first 3-points at home.

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