Winning at home

At the end of another 60+ hour week, I’m happy to say it’s been a week of learning and frustration, and fortunately more of the former.

We scrambled Monday and Tuesday to host our CONCACAF Gold Cup double-header and it was an incredible experience, especially to see the U.S. men’s national team in person. I don’t think too many interns get the chance to work with CONCACAF and Fox Soccer Channel, and as someone who doesn’t have much experience in TV production, it was eye opening to see behind the scenes of a program that I’ve watched as a fan so many times before.

Last night was another great win for Sporting (and our first at our new home!) but we hit some big snags during the pre-game, missing an important video during our lineup. But we also got to show off the awesome starting lineup graphics we slaved over all day (and night) Thursday. Right around lunchtime on Thursday, all the control room interns were tasked with working

Though they were super complicated to put together, the final result was worth the effort. On the big screen, the graphics looked awesome and our bosses loved them (which always helps). Check out one I did for Ryan Smith, who had a sick goal against Colorado that was nominated for MLS “Goal of the Week” (on my birthday no less). Watch the goal (it starts at 1:17) and then check out his starting lineup graphic:

[Check out the rest of the intro videos I did at my Vimeo page: I’ll be uploading other videos and animated graphics I work on throughout the summer too, so keep an eye out here and there for videos!]

Our next match at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park is a week from today, against the Vancouver Whitecaps which means this next week should be a little less crazy. We’ll have our hands full next weekend though because it’s our first broadcast done entirely in house for My KSMO-TVv. It should be a challenge, but after the last two weeks, we’ve proven we can handle just about anything at LSP.

And again, congratulations to the team, owners and everyone who was involved in making the opening of LSP a success, it feels amazing to have been a part of the first ever win at Sporting’s new home!

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