A quick sneak peek

Here’s a quick taste of what this week at Sporting looks like:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Essentially we’re working on graphics for the next several home games, including this Saturday’s match against the Vancouver White Caps FC. Those in the slideshow above will be displayed when we announce the White Caps’ starting line up Saturday evening and are much less cool than the those animated graphics we did for our starting line-up (check out my Vimeo to see a few of those!). We’re also working on similar graphics for the Colorado Rapids (July 6) and Chivas USA (July 9), along with other graphics specific to each of those matches.

It’s nice to have a few easier days after the craziness of the last two weeks. I really like putting graphics together and it’s really sharpened my Photoshop skills. When (if) I get better at putting media on WordPress I’ll try to include more of what I’ve worked on because I’d like this to become just as much a portfolio of my work as it is a behind-the-scenes to what I’m learning at Sporting.

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