Sports debut

Yesterday was an interesting day in terms of conference realignment in the Big 12. And as an avid fan (if my laundry isn’t done before 7 tonight, it won’t get done til Monday thanks to the season openers) I’m addicted to those kinds of stories, even if the latest “new” development isn’t new at all.

When the story that Texas A&M would apply to another conference came up in the newsroom yesterday, my ears perked up. The only problem (or blessing?) was that I happened to be in a meeting with Liz Brixey, begging for a story to get my byline online again. She must have seen the wheels turning in my head and immediately threw me Greg Bowers’ way to get on the breaking story.

Over the course of a couple hours I was able to put some of a story together, and that piece became the framework for sports writers Andrew Wagaman and Harry Plumer. My basis for the story was simply press releases and official statements, but Andrew and Harry were able to compile a lot to the story by getting ahold of curators and even Brady Deaton.

Though it wasn’t the most glamorous, but it was a sports debut nonetheless. Read it here: Missouri officials comment on Texas A&M’s move from Big 12.

One thing I thought was really interesting about the story, was a piece Joy Mayer and the Community Outreach Team put together using Storify. It basically created a storyline of people’s Twitter reactions to A&M’s move, and the best way to understand it is to give it a look. Check it out here: A&M wants out.

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